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About us

TEMP Plant is an industrial machine-building enterprise, which combines more than 100 years of total achievements of two plants: KEMZ Svarka (70 years) and TEMP Plant (40 years). The basis of the modern TEMP Plant is significant experience and innovative approaches of the enterprise, excellence and progressive thinking of specialists, which enabled it to create a wide range of reliable, unique equipment and offer high-quality services in special technological equipment, machinery manufacturing and metalworking to our customers.

The company brings together more than 150 specialists with extensive experience in designing and manufacturing of special technological equipment. Our highly competent engineers-designers and engineers-technologists can develop and calculate the project, offer the best options for technical and technological solutions.

Now TEMP Plant is under modernization, technology process development and technical re-equipment of the plant. Following the European direction TEMP Plant operates the quality management system that that meets the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008.

Our partners

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