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Pipe-welding base BTS-142B is intended for two-way automatic welding under the layer of flux of two or three sections of pipes, with preliminary preparation of edges in the field conditions during the construction of pipelines. Edge preparation is carried out by means of machines of preparation of edges of IPC under the appropriate diameter.

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Pipe diameter, mm (inches)1020-1420 (40”-56”)
Thickness of pipe, mm (inch)38
Length of pipe, m10-12
Length of welded sections, m20-36
Weight of welded sections, no more than, kg25 000
Base performance when welding three-pipe sections with a diameter of 1420mm and a wall thickness of 17.5mm, no less than the joint/h3,24
Length, m65
Width, m27
Heigth, m5,5
Weight of the base for welding pipes with a diameter of 1420mm, no more than, kg125 000
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